California’s Top Surgeon For Bicyclists

California’s Top Surgeon For Bicyclists

Cyclists are prone to injuries that result from trauma from falling off the bike or injuries that develop over time as a result of overuse. If you have a cycling injury, it is important to find the best surgeon for cyclists in your area.   sports-medicine-doctor-orange-county

Cycling Injuries

Cycling injuries can usually be attributed to one of two issues: overtraining or trauma. Cyclists usually bike at 15-20 miles an hour or even higher, which makes the impact of a fall quite significant. At the same time, cyclists have very little protection from injury because of the open nature of riding a bike. Injuries are usually more severe if another car was involved in the accident.

Although cycling is considered a low-impact sport, overuse injuries can still occur with high-level training. Biking places strain on the wrists, knees, and ankles, especially if you do not give your body time to heal or if you use improper form.

Finding a Surgeon

You can research surgeons by asking for recommendations or by searching online for doctors in your area. As you learn about the surgeons in your area, look for these key features, which are associated with superior treatment:

  • Expert in sports medicine – Athletes have distinct needs from the general population, and it is important that your doctor is able to address those needs fully.
  • Expert in bicycle injuries – Cyclists are prone to particular injuries, and a doctor who frequently works with cyclists will be familiar with your situation, as well as the factors that contributed to it.
  • Experienced in the field – All board-certified physicians have undergone extensive education and training, and are skilled professions. However, doctors continue to develop their skills and judgment as they spend years working in the field, so a more experienced doctor is often beneficial.
  • Dedicated to using minimally invasive procedures – There are a number of minimally invasive procedures now available for orthopedic problems; the doctor should be dedicated to using minimally invasive procedures whenever possible.
  • Good bedside manner – You should be able to communicate clearly with your doctor about your questions and concerns, and get clear communication about your condition and the course of treatment.

Top Surgeon for Cyclists  arthritis-pain-orange-county

Dr. Howard Marans of OC Orthopedic is the top surgeon for cyclists in Orange County. Dr. Marans is an expert in sports medicine and bicycle injuries who has worked in the field for over two decades. Dr. Marans is a technically skilled surgeon who is dedicated to using minimally invasive procedures whenever possible. Patients appreciate his clear communication and results-oriented approach to treatment.

Dr. Marans would be happy to meet with you about your cycling injury. To schedule your consultation today, please click below and enter your information or call OC Orthopedic at (714) 979-8981.