Best Foot and Ankle Specialists Near Malibu

Best Foot and Ankle Specialists Near Malibu

If a patient has a foot or ankle related injury, it is essential they are properly diagnosed by an orthopedic expert. Often, foot and ankle injuries can get worse due to a lack of effective diagnosis or treatment. Patients need the correct procedures the first time to ensure proper healing and the return of full productivity from the injury. At Orange County Orthopedic, Dr. Howard Marans proves to be the most effective and accurate in both surgical and non-surgical treatment, serving the entire Orange County area. Here is some helpful information on why patients should use Dr. Howard Marans when choosing from foot and ankle specialists in the Malibu area.

Expertise with Foot and Ankle Injuriesfoot-pain-ca

Dr. Marans has had over 20 years experience in the field of orthopedic surgery. Some serious ankle and foot related injuries can be difficult to detect, but an expert such as Dr. Marans can properly recognize a wide range of injuries from minor problems to serious medical conditions. Almost all foot and ankle related injuries have symptoms such as immense pain or swelling in the injured area, as well as loss of function or movement. Patients experiencing similar symptoms should view some of the potential causes commonly treated at Orange County Orthopedic. Whether a patient suffered an incident such as a fall or has dealt with chronic pain over a number of years, scheduling a consultation with Dr. Marans is simple. Patients have multiple options for treatments to give the best possible outcome.

Non-Surgical Treatment Methods

Methods of treatment at Orange County Orthopedic can be non-surgical or surgical, based on the extent of the injury. Due to the fact that the human foot and ankle are so heavily relied upon for day to day movement, multiple injuries can occur from wear and tear. Overuse of an injured joint or bone can and will lead to a more extensive or serious injury. Dr. Marans suggests that patients should always get a professional medical examination to avoid further damage to the injured area.

However, some injury related pain in the foot or ankle area can be alleviated at home through a non-surgical method. RICE, or rest, ice, compression, and elevation, is recommended for more common injuries such as sprains and contusions. In the case that pain is consistent and severe, patients need to come in for an accurate diagnosis. Even a slight fracture can cause long term damage and effects if not treated correctly. Variations of physical therapy can help injuries regain function and movement. Dr. Marans also offers injections and other forms of medicine to help inflammation and pain.

Surgical Treatment Options

Some foot and ankle related injuries require specialized surgery in order to reach the best possible outcome for the patient. At Orange County Orthopedic, there are several surgical options that fit the patient’s given situation. Depending on if there needs to be joint tissue repair on any ligaments or tendons, arthroscopic surgery is a potential option that is both fast and efficient for joint repair. In the case of a severe fracture or broken bone, open reduction and internal fixation surgery proves to be an optimal procedure at Orange County Orthopedic. After returning the bone to its natural position, implants such as pins and plates can be used for reliable stabilization. The bone is able to heal properly without any further medical issues.

Best Foot and Ankle Specialist Near Malibu

If you’re looking for a reliable foot and ankle specialist in the Orange County area, Dr. Howard Marans will handle all of your non-surgical and surgical treatment needs. Schedule a quick and easy consultation, or feel free to contact OC Orthopedic with any questions.