Best ACL Surgeon For Athletes and Sport Injuries

Best ACL Surgeon For Athletes and Sport Injuries

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a band of tissue located on the inside of the knee. The purpose of this tough tissue is to provide stability to the entire knee during back and forth movement. The ACL tissue connects the upper thighbone to the lower shinbone. Any type of ACL knee injury is common for athletes participating in soccer, football, or basketball.

Best Surgeon for Athletes

sports-medicine-doctor-caReceiving immediate sports medicine attention from the best surgeon for athletes – Dr. Howard Marans – will aid in the prevention of further damage and speed the patient’s recovery process.

Cause of Injury

For athletes and others involved in extensive training, an injury to the ACL may happen in a variety of ways. From professionals to minor leagues, playing team sports involves physical risks.

  • A rapid change in direction due to an external force or falling
  • Sudden stop due to an impact or collision
  • Dramatically slowly down while jogging or running
  • Landing in an incorrect manner after jumping or trying to maneuver around an object


When the injury to the ACL occurs, a loud popping noise may be heard followed by the feeling of the knee giving out from underneath the athlete. The best surgeon for athletes will be able to determine if the injury involves the ACL through testing. The symptoms will vary with each individual.

  • Pain is instant and does not subside within a couple of hours
  • Knee appears deformed
  • Tingling occurs which may indicate damage to the nerve endings and blood vessels
  • Inability to move the knee with a full degree of motion
  • Severe swelling and inflammation
  • Unable to bear full weight or apply pressure when standing, walking or trying to climb a set of stairs
  • Tenderness to the joint area

The pain may subside temporarily and many athletes return to their sports too quickly. Without proper medical treatment by the best surgeon for athletes, returning to the sport may create further damage with negative, long-term consequences.


In most cases, an ACL tear will require arthoscopic surgery to provide an accurate level of healing. Non-surgical methods may be used to ease symptoms for the elderly. In order to find the right treatment program, the best surgeon for athletes will begin with a precise diagnosis based on x-rays, physical examination, and MRIs.

  • Non-surgical methods include bracing, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Surgical methods involve repairing or reconstructing the ACL tear to restore the stability to the knee area

After surgery, physical therapy is usually part of the treatment program to help strengthen the muscles around the knee area. These carefully monitored exercises will help restore the function to the knee. The best surgeon for athletes will monitor each step during the treatment program to help an athlete return to normal sport-related activities.

Dr. Howard Marans – Best Surgeon for Athletes

The best surgeon for athletes, Dr. Howard Marans will work with each sports participant to help repair and restore damage to the ACL. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Marans understands athletes have special health needs. When one is at peak physical health, athletes are a work in progress, having an overwhelming desire to get back to the game. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.