Costs Associated With Orthopedic Knee Surgery

Costs Associated With Orthopedic Knee Surgery

Every year millions of people visit local doctor offices or other health care professionals for knee injuries. The mobility of the knee consists of many working components, leaving it vulnerable to various injuries, including:

  • Fractions
  • Dislocations
  • Ligament tears
  • Degenerative disease

Orthopedic Knee Surgery

arthritis-pain-caIn some cases, simple non-invasive procedures are used as a successful treatment option. Severe damage due to injury or disease may require surgical methods to help a person return to a mobile, pain-free lifestyle. The costs associated with orthopedic knee surgery depend on a variety of factors.

Medical Coverage

The biggest contributing factor to the cost of orthopedic knee surgery is the extent of the patient’s medical insurance coverage. Each policy has different terms and conditions prescribed for payment of health care services. Under most circumstances, orthopedic knee surgery is a covered medical procedure through most health insurance policies.

Depending on the policy, a patient may have out of pocket costs for co-pays and/or deductibles. Contacting the medical insurance company’s claims department will help determine the amount of a patient’s out of pocket costs incurred from an orthopedic knee surgery procedure. The health care coverage may only be authorized for in network orthopedic surgeons. Finding out the required procedure for receiving complete orthopedic knee surgery costs coverage will help keep a patient from receiving a surprise final bill. Without medical insurance, the orthopedic knee surgery could cost tens of thousands of dollars.


An accurate diagnosis is essential for preparing and executing a treatment plan. In order to achieve an accurate diagnosis, the orthopedic surgeon will consider a variety of factors.

  • Medical history
  • Explanation of how the injury occurred
  • The amount of time the knee problem has become an issue in disrupting one’s daily activities
  • Physical examination
  • Testing including, x-rays, MRIs, and other imaging equipment

After the diagnosis is confirmed, a treatment program will be designed around the individual patient’s needs.

Surgical Approach

In less severe cases, a change in routine, weight management, rest, or support devices may be used as a way to ease the symptoms without creating a large expense for the patient. Physical therapy or injections are also successfully used. The minimally invasive approach is usually at the lower end of the cost scale.

When the conservative approach does not yield the desired results, surgery is the next option. The costs associated with surgery will depend on the type surgical approach used to repair or replace the damaged area surrounding the knee.

  • Arthroscopy requires the use of tiny instruments inserted into small incisions to repair the damage to the knee
  • Arthroscopy is normally the lower cost approach
  • Open surgery allowing the surgeon a better view of the damaged area
  • Joint replacement is the most costly surgical approach
  • Without medical insurance, a patient could pay extremely high out of pocket costs for these invasive treatment procedures

Other Factors

Along with medical insurance coverage, other factors contribute to the final cost.

  • Hospital stay
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Follow up care, including physical therapy

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