Sports Medicine Physicians In Orange County, CA

Sports Medicine Physicians In Orange County, CA

An Orange County, CA sports medicine physician will focus on helping an athlete improve performance or recover from an injury. From professional athletes to weekend warriors, participating in sports training and physical activities bring about aches and pains – major and minor in nature.

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When the pain increases or an injury has occurred, seeking an Orange County, CA sports medicine physician is the next step.

Focuses on the Athlete

A sports medicine physician focuses on the athlete’s unique needs. Beginning with an accurate diagnosis, the orthopedic specialist will work the athlete to achieve a fast and optimal recovery. Administering various components will help the specialist determine the right course of treatment based on the results.

  • Reviewing the athlete’s complete medical history will help determine how the injury occurred
  • Physical examination
  • Medical testing including, x-rays, MRIs, and other imaging resources

Athletes are normally at the highest level of physical fitness. An injury may cause a disruption or change in the overall fitness level of the person. Depending on the degree of injury, returning to the sport may not be an option. An accurate diagnosis and course of the treatment plan are vital to achieving the best possible outcome.

Course of Action

The accurate diagnosis will determine the course of action in the treatment program. Under some circumstances, the injury may be due to improper training techniques, including over-training or insufficient warm-up practices. Conservative methods may be used to restore the athlete to a normal active lifestyle.

  • Rest: An injury or weakened muscle may just need time to heal.
  • Ice: Applying ice to the injured area may help reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Physical Therapy: Specific exercises or stretching techniques to strengthen the muscles around the injured area may be implemented.
  • Bracing: The use of a brace or support aid may help in the healing process.
  • Drugs: Prescription, over the counter medications, or injections may be administered to help reduce the pain and other symptoms.


When an injury is too severe or other approaches do not yield the desired results, surgery may be the only option available. The surgical technique depends on the type and extensiveness of the injury. In most cases, the surgical technique is one of the two following procedures.

  • Arthroscopy: A less invasive surgical method performed by inserting instruments through small incisions around the injured area. The sports medicine Orange County specialists can use this technique to view, diagnose, and repair the injured area with a shortened recovery time.
  • Traditional Surgery: Severe injuries with multiple medical factors may require traditional surgery, allowing the physician to gain visual access to the damaged area. The major drawbacks to this approach are a hospital stay and longer recovery time.


A sports medicine physician will focus on preventing future injuries as part of the treatment plan. Athletes have an overall desire to return to the sport as soon as possible. The physician will guide the athlete to ensure the introduction back to the training routine is done with proper techniques. Measures are implemented to help eliminate or reduce the risk of repeating or developing a new injury.

Orange County’s Best Sports Medicine Provider

In Orange County, CA, Dr. Howard Marans strives to achieve an optimal outcome for every athlete’s recovery from a sports-related injury. Dr. Marans can also help an athlete improve performance. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.