Huntington Beach’s Top Doctor for Broken Arms and Arm Fractures

Huntington Beach’s Top Doctor for Broken Arms and Arm Fractures

Every year, thousands of people seek medical attention for a broken arm or arm fracture. The common arm injury can happen to anyone regardless of age. The cause of the injury is usually due to a fall or a direct impact creating a trauma to one of the three major bones in the arm.

arm-pain-caTop Doctor for Arm Fractures

Finding the top doctor for a broken arm is your foremost priority to obtain an optimal healing process.


Seeking medical attention from a doctor for a broken arm should be done as soon as the injury occurs and symptoms surface. Waiting to see a doctor may create further complications.

Symptoms include:

  • A significant amount of pain that does not subside
  • Pain becomes stronger when moving the arm
  • A substantial amount of swelling around the area of trauma
  • The arm has visible deformity in comparison with the other arm
  • An open would appears around the arm of the trauma
  • In severe cases, the bone may be visible
  • Inability to move the arm in a normal manner

In some cases, the broken bone or bone fracture may be too severe to receive medical treatment at the primary doctor’s office or emergency room physician. When this is the case, an orthopedic surgeon will need to examine the arm to proceed with the best treatment option.

Preparing to See an Orthopedic Surgeon

Under most circumstances, Dr. Howard Marans will be able to see a patient having sustained a broken arm within a short period of time. By having the entire necessary information ready, the appointment will proceed in a smooth manner.

  • With as much detail as possible about how the broken arm occurred
  • Write down your past medical history
  • Outline all current medications and supplements you are taking
  • Prepare questions for the doctor prior to the appointment to guarantee all of your concerns will be addressed

The Appointment

You doctor will discuss the incident, review the notes, and begin a physical examination. During this time, the broken arm or arm fracture will be tender. After the physical examination, the doctor will begin with testing, including X-rays and an MRI. The test will help in determining the best treatment for the broken bone or arm fracture.

Treatment Options

The severity of the break and the patient’s medical history determines how the treatment process will begin.

  • Resetting the bone to the proper position to maximize the healing process
  • If a bone is not moved back into the correct alignment, further complications will occur in the future
  • Restricting arm movement with a cast, brace, or sling
  • Medications to help ease the pain and inflammations symptoms
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgery to add pin, wires, plates or screws to stabilize the location of the arm when moved back into position.

Top Doctor for Arm Fracture

Dr. Howard Marans – founder and medical director of OCOrthopedic+ is a top doctor for arm fractures. Please click below and enter your information – or – call 714.979.8981 to schedule a consultation.