How Much Will MCL Injury Treatment Cost?

How Much Will MCL Injury Treatment Cost?

In the human body, the MCL is a vital ligament situated on the backside of the knee area. The MCL actually attaches a person’s thigh bone with the lower leg which assists with the overall range of motion. Any type of injury or tear to the MCL is viewed as common, especially among athletes.

MCL Treatment Cost

kneeThe MCL injury can cause pain, tenderness, and swelling. These symptoms will limit the range of movement of the knee and adversely affect the simplest of one’s daily routines. Bruising may also occur on the inside of the knee area. Estimating the cost of treatment for treatment of a MCL injury involves many factors.

  • Degree of injury
  • Type of treatment method
  • Patient’s insurance coverage

Insurance Coverage

The major factor in the cost of treatment for MCL injuries is the amount of health insurance coverage. A patient may have to incur copay or deductible ranging from 10 to 50 percent of the treatment cost.

The final expense of the MCL medical treatment may be based on other factors, including:

  • Type of medical treatment
  • Experience of the orthopedic surgeon
  • Whether the surgeon is in-network or out-of-network

Accurate Diagnosis

In order to plan a course of treatment, an accurate diagnosis is needed. The accurate diagnosis will help in planning and executing treatment for MCL injuries. The diagnosis should start with an office consultation.

  • A complete medical history should be discussed
  • Events leading up to the knee injury
  • Symptoms of the injury
  • Physical examination
  • Testing, including x-rays and an MRI
  • Explanation of the treatment options and the expected outcome

Non-Surgical Treatment for MCL Injuries

In some cases, reducing activity for three or four weeks will be enough to help a patient heal without surgery. Non-surgical physical therapy treatment for MCL injuries may be the least expensive approach for medical care.

  • In the beginning, over the counter pain relievers may only be a few dollars. Continuous use may increase the expense and mask the true injury. The pain relievers will reduce swelling and help fight inflammation.
  • Bracing and elastic bandages can be used to help keep the knee immobilized during the healing process. The costs of these support aids are usually under $50. In some cases, the support aid may be partially covered by medical insurance.
  • Rest and keeping the knee elevated may help the injured area heal. The cost of this approach is actually nothing except when a person has to miss work.
  • Ice the injured area is another minimal cost approach.
  • Depending on the amount of health care coverage, physical therapy sessions may quickly add up.

Surgical Treatment for MCL Injuries

Depending on the severity of injury, arthroscopic surgery may be the only way to repair a torn MCL. Surgical approaches are always a more costly option for treatment of MCL injuries. Without health insurance, the cost of surgery may range from around $5,000 to $32,000. With health insurance, copay and deductible may be the only part of the out of pocket expense to the patient.

MCL Treatment Provider

In the Orange County area, Dr. Howard Marans will work with a patient to achieve an optimal outcome with best treatment of MCL injuries. Dr. Marans accepts PPOs and will work with various other insurance companies to get a patient back to normal activity without creating a financial burden. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.