Is Shoulder Impingement Surgery Really Effective?

Is Shoulder Impingement Surgery Really Effective?

One of the main reasons people seek medical treatment from orthopedic specialists is because of shoulder pain. The shoulder allows for a large range of motion by the arm making it a very complex part of the body. Shoulder impingement surgery allows patients to heal parts of the shoulder that have been injured such as muscles, tendons, and bones.

shoulder-surgery-caShoulder Impingement Syndrome

Shoulder impingement syndrome occurs when rotator cuff tendons become pinched between the bones in the shoulder. The pinching causes impacted tendons to become inflamed and damaged. The pain associated with impingement syndrome will only worsen if the condition goes untreated. Swelling of the tendons will result in them being further pinched by the bones and other muscles in the shoulder.

Surgical Options

Shoulder impingement surgery is a surgical option people can turn to if less invasive treatments, such as physical therapy, are unsuccessful. The main goal of the surgery is to increase the amount of space the rotator cuff has in order to stop and prevent impingement. The procedure may even involve having to remove parts of the shoulder in order to make more room.

Arthroscopic Surgery

During arthroscopic surgery, doctors make small incisions to access the target area. Surgical instruments and cameras are then passed through these small openings allowing doctors to accurately work on the impacted area. This approach allows for bone and tissue to be removed at the doctor’s discretion. Sutures can also be orchestrated using the arthroscopic arms. Arthroscopic surgery allows doctors to treat the affected tissue without ruining the surrounding tissue.

Open Surgery

During open surgery, the doctor will make a large incision in the shoulder so that they have full access to the impacted area. This in turn allows them to focus solely on the rotator cuff and its surrounding areas. Treatment includes doctors surgically removing the impacted tissues and bones in order to help the patient regain their strength and range in motion. Recovery is necessary for both the shoulder and the surrounding areas following the surgery.

Shoulder Impingement Surgery Recovery Time

Depending on the surgery, recovery time for every patient will vary. Open surgery has a longer recovery time than arthroscopic surgery. Physical therapy rehabilitation will be necessary after the surgery to restore strength and movement.

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