Top Rated Fountain Valley Orthopedic Surgeon

Top Rated Fountain Valley Orthopedic Surgeon

A top rated orthopedic surgeon will accurately diagnose your symptoms and provide you with the most effective treatment. Only a top rated orthopedic surgeon will guide you through the choices for treating your medical condition or injury. You will likely be presented with a variety of surgery options.

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Dr Marans MD

Top Rated Orthopedic Surgeon in Tustin, California

Seeking  medical attention from a top surgeon who specializes in orthopedic medical conditions and injuries is imperative.

Value of Time

Dr. Howard Marans values the patient’s time. The Doctor commits to seeing a new or returning patient as soon as possible. When an appointment is made, he expects to see the patient within one or two days. Value of time is implemented during every office visit. The Doctor understands sitting for a long period of time may make the pain of an injury or degenerative disease worse. He keeps all waiting times down to a minimum.

If he knows the patient has been injured, Dr. Marans will do his best to see the individual on the same day. He understands, no one wants to be in pain while waiting to see a qualified Orange County orthopedics. He is committed to providing the best health care results for each patient.

Each Patient is Unique

Dr. Howard Marans understands each person’s health circumstance is unique. He does not believe in treating two patients in the same manner. Dr. Marans gives each person specialized individual attention based on their current health care needs. The first consultation is designed to help ease the patient’s concern and address questions.

Accurate Diagnosis

Dr. Howard Marans believes in giving an accurate diagnosis based on each individual’s situation. The accurate diagnosis will be obtained through a complete medical history, x-rays, MRI’s and other testing to help pinpoint the exact nature of the health concern. By receiving an accurate diagnosis, Dr. Marans can provide a variety of treatment options for an optimal outcome.

Treatment Programs

If the injury or degenerative disease is not severe, Dr. Howard Marans may implement a variety of non-surgical treatment options to help ease the patient’s symptoms. By providing an accurate diagnosis from the start, he can create a treatment program to help maximize the healing process. When all the non-surgical options have been exhausted, Dr. Marans will proceed with best surgical option to fix the problem.

Top Rated Fountain Valley Orthopedic Surgeon

With over two decades of experience in the field, Dr. Howard Marans is renowned as a highly skilled orthopedic surgeon practicing in the Fountain Valley area. The Doctor’s approach to treatment of any condition or injury focuses on catering to the personal needs of each individual patient to ensure a lasting recovery.

Dr. Howard Marans is highly qualified to address every patient’s treatment needs. To schedule your consultation with a top orthopedic surgeon, click the icon below and enter your information online – or – call 714.979.8981.