Where to Find The Top Knee Specialist in Orange County

Where to Find The Top Knee Specialist in Orange County

Orthopedic Knee SurgeryIt is common for people who are physically active throughout their life to experience a knee pain that will not go away without treatment from a specialist. Knee injuries are often caused by sports-related activities or labor intensive job duties. Sometimes the pain is caused from overuse or a twisting motion. Without sports medicine therapy, it is unlikely that the knee will heal on its own. When your pain does not go away, it’s time to visit a knee specialist.

Top Knee Specialist in Orange County

Knee pain can leave you feeling constant discomfort and reduce your quality of life. There is no reason to continue suffering with knee pain. You can return to your active lifestyle sooner by finding the top knee specialist available in Orange County.

Common Symptoms Associated with Knee Injuries

Unforgiving pain and weakness are the most common symptoms of a chronic injury to the knee. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, your knee pain will worsen. Dr. Howard Marans, the top knee specialist in Orange County, has over two decades of experience diagnosing and treating knee problems.

You should not delay making an appointment if you experience:

  • Pain that does not go away or increases
  • Redness or swelling that causes additional pain and pressure on your knee
  • Tenderness when touching your knee
  • Pain that increases when you move your knee
  • A problem putting weight on your knee

Quickly addressing these symptoms of knee injury will help give a better outcome through early diagnosis and treatment.

Diagnosing Your Knee Problem

As the top knee specialist in Orange County, Dr. Marans has substantial experience in diagnosing a vast array of knee conditions and injuries. The Doctor will examine your knee, review of your medical history, evaluate the incident surrounding the injury, and order diagnostic tests to determine the target cause of pain.

Tests may include X-rays or MRIs or other diagnostic tests.

Common knee problems include:

  • Osteoarthritis – a degenerative disease common among older adults causing pain and inflammation in the knee joint
  • Cartilage tears can cause popping and pain in the knee, especially when squatting or climbing stairs
  • Torn ligaments, including ACL or MCL tear, cause pain and threaten the stability of the knee joint
  • Dislocation or improper tracking of your kneecap
  • Bursitis is an inflammation caused by repetitive kneeling labor or athletic overuse of the knee

Treating Knee Injuries

Dr. Marans develops an individualized treatment plan for each of his patients. Depending on the severity of your injury, he may take a conservative approach through minimally invasive surgery or non-surgical techniques.

Dr. Marans specializes in arthroscopic surgery which is a cutting edge technology used to treat ligament tears, meniscal tears, and damage to the cartilage of the knee.

Non-surgical approaches include:

  • Rest
  • Padding
  • NSAIds – nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications – Tylenol or Aleve
  • Physical therapy to strengthen muscles supporting the knee

Top Knee Specialist in Orange County

Dr. Howard Marans, founder and medical director of OCOrthopedic+, is the top knee specialist in Orange County who will help alleviate your pain and reclaim your quality of life.

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