Premier Ankle Injury Treatment in Huntington Beach, CA

Premier Ankle Injury Treatment in Huntington Beach, CA

foot-pain-caThe ankle joint is a complex structure. It is where your lower leg bones, the tibia and fibula meet your foot’s talus bone. Ligaments keep the three bones in place and allow you to properly move your ankle. The muscles in your ankle are attached to its bones by tendons and aid in controlling both ankle and foot movement. With so many components in your ankle, quite a few things could go wrong.

Seeking Ankle Injury Treatment

You should seek always seek immediate ankle injury treatment from a doctor if you:

  • Have severe ankle pain and swelling
  • Are unable to put weight on your ankle
  • See a visible deformity
  • Have difficulty moving your ankle

Ankle Injuries That Require Treatment

  • Severe sprain – This injury involves the stretching or tearing of one or more ligaments from a sudden twisting or “rolling” of the ankle.
  • Torn tendons – Tears can occur in the Achilles tendon or other tendons from trauma, from overuse or from wearing high-heeled shoes.
  • Tendonitis – Inflammation can occur in the ankle’s tendons from injury or overuse.
  • Fractures – A fractured or “broken” ankle may involve one or more breaks to the fibula, tibia or talus bone in the area of the ankle.
  • Osteoarthritis – Overuse, prior injury or normal aging can cause the degeneration of the cartilage in the ankle, causing inflammation and pain.

Treating Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries are very common, such as sprains or strains that happen by simply twisting your ankle while walking on uneven ground. Often most sprains or strains will heal on their own if you follow the RICE method of rest, ice, compression and elevation. However, if after a few days, you are still experiencing pain and swelling, it may be possible that you have suffered a more extensive injury that requires treatment.

The doctor may prescribe physical therapy to maintain your ankle’s range of motion and make it stronger. If you have experienced a non-complex fracture, the doctor may put a cast or splint on your ankle to provide support and protect it from further injury.

Severe ankle injuries may require surgery. Often, most repairs can be performed with arthroscopic surgery. However, when a severe fracture has occurred, surgery to perform an open reduction and internal fixation may be needed to stabilize your ankle.

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Most ankle injuries are considered sports injuries, even if you are not an athlete. In Huntington Beach, CA, premier ankle injury treatment can be found at OCOrthopedic+ from Dr. Howard Marans. As a renowned orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, Dr. Marans has treated numerous patients over the past two decades for ankle injuries. Call 714.979.8981 or click below to schedule your consultation with Dr. Marans of OCOrthopedic+.