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Where to Go for Arthroscopic Surgery in Santa Ana, CA

If you have suffered an injury – or have a medical condition requiring orthopedic surgery – locating the best surgeon is a priority to recoup your quality of life. Dr. Howard Marans – founder of OC Orthopedic – is a seasoned surgeon providing stellar arthroscopic surgery. OC Orthopedic is now conveniently located in Santa Ana, CA – the hub of Orange County. Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure preferable to open reduction/internal fixation (open joint surgery) in many cases – especially large joints to treat common medical conditions.

How Arthroscopic Surgery Works

Arthroscopic surgery involves the making of a small incision and inserting a small camera (arthroscope) to view the problematic joint. Arthroscopy is used for diagnosing and correcting a vast array of joint problems.

  • Knee – treats ligament tears, meniscal tears, and damaged cartilage
  • Shoulder – treats rotator cuff tears, impingement, and recurrent dislocations
  • Hip – treats femoroacetablular impingement, dysplasia, synovitis, and loose cartilage
  • Hand and Wrist – treats carpal tunnel syndrome, ligament tears, and fractures
  • Spine – treats herniated discs, bulging discs, and bones spurs among other conditions

Benefits of Arthroscopic Surgery Over Open Joint Surgery

  • No large incision
  • No hospital stay
  • Lower risk of bleeding and infection
  • Shorter recovery time

Dr. Marans has the education and clinical experience to accurately diagnose and treat the underlying cause of your pain.

  • Orthopedic Residency at the University of Toronto
  • Fellowship at Toronto’s Orthopedic and Arthritic Hospital
  • The Doctor completed his Sports Medicine studies at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in South Australia

OC Orthopedic offers:

  • Clinical experience and excellence
  • Cost-effective surgical treatment
  • Compassionate care
  • Rapid and permanent recovery

As a leading sports doctor in Orange County CA, Dr. Howard Marans offers all-encompassing orthopedic diagnosis and surgical treatment.

  • Medical history
  • Patient history of activity
  • Physical examination
  • X-Ray
  • MRI

Arthroscopic Surgery in Santa Ana, CA

OC Orthopedic is a leader in sports medicine. We provide every patient with an individualized treatment plan. Each patient is unique and their special needs and concerns must be incorporated into treatment. Dr. Howard Marans has over 20 years of providing his patients with whole body care.

It is the steadfast mission of Dr. Marans to treat all patients in a professional, timely manner. Optimal outcomes depend on:

  • Accurate diagnosis of the cause of pain
  • Complete explanation of treatment options
  • Assessing every patient’s expectations from treatment
  • Precise execution of arthroscopic surgery

To schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Howard Marans, please click the icon below – or – call 714.979.8981.

How to Treat Knee Arthritis Caused by a Sports Injury

A major consequence of sports-related injuries to the knee is the high chance of developing arthritis later in life. A person can develop arthritis in the knee from an injury occurring decades ago – especially former high school and college sports athletes. Dr. Howard Marans – founder of OC Orthopedic located in Fountain Valley, CA – recommends seeking immediate sports medicine treatment for all athletic-related injuries to avoid the development of arthritis in the long term.

Acclaimed Sports Medicine in Orange County CA

OC Orthopedic is a top notch, athlete-focused sports medicine practice providing all-encompassing treatment services within one location. Dr. Howard Marans – founder of OC Orthopedic located in Fountain Valley, CA – recommends seeking immediate treatment for sports injuries. Delaying diagnosis and treatment can lead to a prolonged healing timeframe, worsening of injury, and likelihood of recurrent injury.

Top Wrist Specialist in Fountain Valley CA

wrist fractureWhen your wrist pain has intensified to the point of disrupting the performance of your normal daily tasks, you must seek out a doctor. Dr. Howard Marans – founder of OC Orthopedic located in Fountain Valley, CA – recommends seeking immediate treatment for persistent wrist pain. When wrist pain is chronic, delaying treatment may cause the forming of scar tissue and lead to radiating pain in your hand, arm, and shoulder.

Best Sports Medicine in Orange County CA

If you have ever been injured participating in a sport that you enjoy, it’s very likely that you experienced some initial worries. Depending on the severity of the injury, you might have worried if you would ever be able to return in a full capacity to your activity. You probably worried about how long your recovery process would be. And once your doctor cleared you to return to your activity, you might have worried about being hurt again. Today, new technologies in medicine now allow doctors to repair many sports injuries that once would have meant an end to participating in sports.

How to Prevent a Recurrent Sports Injury

There are generally two types of sports injuries, acute injuries and chronic injuries. An acute injury occurs suddenly, like a broken bone or a sprained ankle. You will usually feel sudden and severe pain as soon as it happens. A chronic or recurrent sports injury is an injury that happens after you have been playing a sport or exercising for some time. Improper training, overuse, or faulty equipment can lead to recurrent injuries.

Can Your Shoulder Pain Be Treated With Arthroscopy?

Most people think that the shoulder is one big joint. The shoulder is actually several joints that work with muscles and tendons to give you wide range of motion with your arm. This range of motion is what allows you to reach behind to scratch your back, stretch your arm to reach that jar of jelly on the top shelf, swing a bat, and perhaps throw a winning pitch.

Many Reasons for Shoulder Pain

With all the moving parts in your shoulder, there could be many possible reasons for developing shoulder pain at some point during your life. However, if you have sudden shoulder pain with no obvious reason or the pain is accompanied by dizziness, nausea or chest pain, it is a good idea to immediately seek medical care to rule out the possibility of a heart attack.

Pain from a shoulder strain or overuse is often not serious and will usually go away with some rest from activity. Other shoulder conditions might require the care of an orthopedic surgeon in order to heal properly.

Conditions That Cause Shoulder Pain

Common conditions that can cause shoulder pain include:

  • Bursitis – occurs when the bursae in your shoulder become swollen or inflamed, causing friction between your muscles and bones. This condition may also occur with rotator cuff tendonitis.
  • Tendonitis – occurs when a tendon is worn down, whether from excessive overhead activities or a degenerative disease like arthritis.
  • Rotator Cuff Injuries – may occur from a sudden injury or degenerative changes from age or wear and tear. Tendons in the rotator cuff may be torn completely or partially.
  • Fracture – may occur from a fall or a sudden impact that might occur during a contact sports injury or car accident.
  • Shoulder Instability – overuse or sudden trauma can cause the ball of your upper arm bone to slip out of the shoulder socket and cause reoccurring dislocations from the shoulder’s damaged tendons, ligaments and muscles.
  • Osteoarthritis – occurs from wear and tear and usually develops slowly with the pain increasing over time.
  • Shoulder Impingement Syndrome – occurs when the shoulder blade is putting pressure on soft tissues on rotator cuff tendons and bursa underneath the bone when lifting your arm.

Treating Shoulder Pain with Arthroscopy

Dr. Howard Marans takes a conservative approach when treating shoulder injuries. However, if non-surgical methods fail or surgery is your only option at the onset, Dr. Marans is a skilled arthroscopic surgeon who has treated thousands of patients over the past 20 years.

Many pain-causing shoulder conditions can now be repaired through arthroscopy. Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgery that is normally performed on an outpatient basis. Because your incisions are less than an inch in length, there is reduced risk for bleeding, infection and no stitches are needed.

Arthroscopy Surgery to Treat Shoulder Pain

To find out if you are a candidate for arthroscopic surgery to relieve your shoulder pain, schedule a consultation with Dr. Marans by calling 714.979.8981 or by clicking the button below.

Are You Suffering From Runner’s Knee?

The knee might be the largest joint in the body, but it is also the most vulnerable to injury because of its complex structure. Most knee injuries can be treated with rest, braces or strengthening exercises. However, surgery may be needed when severe injuries occur or when conservative treatment has failed.

What is Runner’s Knee?

Do you have aching pain around, behind or in front of your kneecap or hear/feel a popping or grinding sensation in your knee? These are two of the most common symptoms of runner’s knee, also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS). Wait…you’re not a runner? It doesn’t matter; it could still be runner’s knee because the term is actually a misnomer. You do not need to be a runner to suffer from this condition and may have it if you have swelling around your knee or experience pain when:

  • Bending your knee while walking
  • Walking up or down steps or hills
  • Squatting or kneeling
  • Getting up from a chair

Runner’s knee is actually a broad term used to describe the pain you feel from several different knee conditions, including chondromalacia patella where the cartilage under the kneecap deteriorates. Other reasons that can cause runner’s knee include:

  • Direct trauma from a fall or body contact to the knee
  • Malalignment of any of the bones from the hip down to the ankle, which prevents the kneecap from moving smoothly
  • Overuse from high-stress exercises, such as lunges that irritate the knee
  • Weak or unbalanced thigh muscles, including the quadriceps that fail to keep the kneecap in place
  • Foot issues, including fallen arches, overpronation or hypermobile feet

How Runner’s Knee is Treated

A sport medicine doctor, such as Dr. Howard Marans are often the best choice to seek treatment for a knee problem. The first treatment your doctor will recommend is the RICE protocol:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

RICE and over-the-counter NSAIDs, including naproxen or ibuprofen are often enough to provide relief from your symptoms. Your doctor may recommend exercises to stretch and strengthen your quadriceps muscles or prescribe physical therapy. Orthotics or arch supports may also be recommended to adjust the position of your feet.

Recovery time will vary from patient to patient. You should avoid any physical activity that causes your knee pain until your knee feels as strong as your other knee and the pain has gone away. For instance, instead of running, try swimming, which will not put pressure on your knee.

Why You Should Choose Dr. Howard Marans

When seeking treatment for runner’s knee, you want expert care from a top sports doctor who has been specifically trained in knee issues. Dr. Howard Marans has completed a Knee and Shoulder Fellowship at Toronto’s Orthopedic Arthritic Hospital and has successfully treated thousands of patients over the past twenty years.

If you have knee pain, do not delay treatment. Please call 714.979.8981 or click below to schedule your consultation with Dr. Marans today.

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