Recurrent Sports Injury

How to Prevent a Recurrent Sports Injury

There are generally two types of sports injuries, acute injuries and chronic injuries. An acute injury occurs suddenly, like a broken bone or a sprained ankle. You will usually feel sudden and severe pain as soon as it happens. A chronic or recurrent sports injury is an injury that happens after you have been playing a sport or exercising for some time. Improper training, overuse, or faulty equipment can lead to recurrent injuries.

How Do I Prevent A Recurrent Sports Injury?

aclThe last thing you want to do after you finally get to go back to your regular athletic activities is to have yet another occurrence of the injury in which you just recovered. Also, your performance can suffer if you are afraid of getting hurt again. When this happens, you may also be more likely to cause some other type of injury because you might suddenly hesitate and throw your timing or balance off.

Prevent Recurrent Sports Injuries

There are ways you can prevent having a recurrent sports injury that can reduce your fears of being injured again and allow you to be confident out on the field. Many sports injuries can be prevented by making sure that you take the time to properly warmup before participating in your physical activities. However, if you have suffered a sports injury, you are at greater risk of becoming injured again. It is possible that you might have underlying factors that increase your predisposition for injury.

Ankle sprains are a very common sports injury. It is also common for an ankle sprain to become a recurrent sports injury. If you keep having one sprain after another, it may be that you:

  • Have flat feet or other structural abnormalities with your ankle or foot
  • Are not wearing appropriate footwear or sports gear meant to protect your ankle
  • Might have a condition that impairs the functioning of your brain’s proprioceptive system

Another sports injury that runs a higher risk for becoming a recurrent injury is lower back pain. Many of the problems caused with your lower back can be traced back to having a weak core that puts extra strain on this area.

Sports Doctors Help Prevent Recurrent Sports Injuries

One of the benefits of choosing a sports doctor to treat your sports injuries is that the doctor does more than just oversee your treatment and recovery. The Doctor will look past the injury to find its underlying cause to determine if there is a condition that needs to be addressed.

For example, if your core muscles are weak and causing you to have lower back problems, your doctor might recommend an exercise program that will strengthen your core. By strengthening your core, pressure is taken off your lower back and distributed to other areas of your body.

Prevent Recurrent Injury

When a patient is treated for a sport injury, Dr. Marans develops an individualized treatment plan that not only addresses his or her recovery, but also a game plan for preventing the injury from coming back. Your progress will be monitored beginning with the healing process through your return to your activity. The Doctor will assist you in developing a warmup routine and exercises that can strengthen your injured areas and lessen the risk of re-injury.

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